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Free-Range Organic Chicken Fat

Free-Range Organic Chicken Fat


Free-Range Organic Chicken Fat (150g)
Elevate your cooking with our 100% organic, corn-fed rendered chicken fat.


  • Elevate your cooking: 
    Switch from ordinary to extraordinary with our 100% organic, free-range chicken fat.
  • Natural and versatile: 
    A delicious replacement for oil or butter, enhancing flavor and texture in various dishes.
  • Unlock culinary possibilities:
    • Roast potatoes: Drizzle for unforgettable results and irresistible crunch.
    • Sauces: Create silky, sumptuous sauces for a touch of luxury.
    • Searing: Sear steaks for deeper flavor and a delicious crust.
    • Confit: Add to the liquid for melt-in-your-mouth meat, fish, or vegetables.



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