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Recovering from the holidays? 🎁

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The month between Christmas and New Years is often chaotic and blurry. It’s filled with holiday gatherings where you likely indulge in foods that you don’t typically consume. Though really fun, this departure from your typical routine may leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Know that you aren’t alone.

We’ve all been there and we have the perfect solution to calm your digestive system and say goodbye to that bloating and discomfort.

In short, it’s bone broth! While just sipping on broth daily will support your digestion during this time, we also love using FOND for a version of intermittent fasting called a bone broth fast.

Let’s break down how:

  • Collagen helps to nourish the intestinal lining and reduce inflammation. Plus, it’s easy for a damaged gut to digest and reap the benefits of its protein and minerals

  • Gelatin is essential for connective tissue function. It literally acts to heal and seal the gut, making bone broth essential for those with chronic inflammation or leaky gut. Gelatin also absorbs water and helps to maintain the layer of mucus that keeps gut microbes away from the intestinal barrier.

  • Glycine is an important amino acid that helps your body make proteins. It also helps reduce inflammation and protects against ulcers within your gut.

  • Glutamine is a powerhouse for your cells, providing them with the energy they need! It also helps to maintain the integrity of the gut lining.

Collagen, gelatin, glycine and glutamine are nutrients that we simply don’t get enough of in our modern diets. Bone broth conveniently combines them all into one easy-to-sip package. If you suspect your gut health could use some help, add in 8-16oz of bone broth each day and see how you feel! Bone broth is full of many elements that make it incredibly beneficial for you like collagen, gelatin, and more. New /Top up kitchen essential! Act fast! 15% Promo end by 25.01.2023

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