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Why we need to give our gut a break

Gut health is about more than just digestive health. Above all, a healthy gut is connected to immune health – 80% of your immune system is in your gut. Because of this, when your gut isn’t in optimal condition, your body is vulnerable to everything from colds and the flu to emotional distress, obesity, and skin problems. A look at the gut microbiome You’re probably wondering how your gut can be that important. It all comes down to the gut microbiome – the bacteria and other flora living in your intestines. Many of these gut microbes, which are trillions of tiny little organisms, work around the clock to support and protect your body by:

  • Making enzymes that help you digest food

  • Producing hormones so your body can synthesize vitamins

  • Working to rid your body of toxins

The problem is, within this microbiome, there are both beneficial flora and harmful bacteria. The more you eat a diet with a lot of sugar, carbs, and processed foods, while eating fewer nutrient-dense, whole foods, the more bad bacteria has a chance to flourish. This, in turn, weakens all those good bacteria your body needs to stay healthy. In reality, few of us live solely on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy proteins because, in modern society, we have so many food choices that are high in sugar, artificial ingredients, and other things that may harm our gut. And, these options are often so convenient!

Guess what? Every time you do opt for the sweet, doughy pastry or that rich, creamy plate of mac and cheese, you’re giving the bad bacteria in your gut a competitive advantage over the good flora. The good news is, you do have the power to turn things around for your gut, no matter what your diet habits in the past have been.

Our broth made with high-quality, sustainably-sourced bones, veggies, and herbs. Rich in collagen, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, it has all the right nutrients. These nutrients may help heal your gut while giving your digestive system a break from hard-to-digest and unhealthy foods. As a result, your gut will get what it needs to help your beneficial flora thrive, while your body will get all the nutrition it needs with plenty of gentle proteins, good fats, and fibrous vegetables.

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