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Unveiling the Korean Secret to Glowy Skin: A Journey Through Soups and Superfoods

Updated: Feb 20

Have you ever thought about why many Koreans have really nice, shiny skin? Could it be because of beauty products? Perhaps. But even with all those fancy creams and lotions, our skin sometimes just doesn't cooperate! You see, real beauty comes from the inside out. Yep, that's right. And I mean that in a literal way – being healthy on the inside leads to healthy skin on the outside.

Glowy Skin:

If you've ever watched Korean TV shows or visited South Korea, you've probably noticed that Koreans really enjoy their soup. Just like how they love kimchi, soup is often part of their meals, sometimes even being the main dish. Having soup every day helps keep their skin hydrated and healthy. Different soups also offer different benefits...

A Balanced Diet for Radiant Skin

This means that eating well is the key to getting that glowy skin. Koreans have grown up with a balanced diet, and that's a big reason why their skin looks so flawless. Lucky for you, I'm here to spill the beans on the secret Korean foods and drinks that promise radiant skin!


These are things found in fruits and veggies, like vitamin C, E, and selenium (you can find selenium in dairy and whole grains). Basically, they help our skin in two ways – by repairing damage and fighting off aging. When our skin gets irritated and inflamed, it can turn red, itchy, and even painful. Not fun. But antioxidants come to the rescue, calming down these symptoms and reducing inflammation. This gives our skin time to heal.

Plus, having lots of antioxidants in our body helps protect our skin from damage caused by UV rays and pollution. Sure, sunbathing feels nice, but trust me, those sun rays aren't so friendly to our skin.

Actually, sunlight is like our skin's enemy – it's the main reason why our skin ages quickly. That's why it's super important to always wear sunscreen, even indoors, because those sneaky UV rays can still get to you. With antioxidants on your side, you get double protection, keeping your skin safe from the sun. Now you can soak up the sun at the beach without worrying!

And last but definitely not least, antioxidants help our skin make something called collagen...


So, what's collagen? It's a protein in our body that holds things like our skin and bones together – pretty important stuff. When we're young, we have plenty of collagen, but as we get older, we start to lose it. That's when our skin loses its glow and starts to feel dry. Collagen helps our skin stay young and bouncy! Here's how it works: it keeps moisture in our cells, which keeps our skin hydrated and fights off wrinkles and dryness (we definitely don't want that).

Eating foods with vitamin C and amino acids, like oranges and kale, helps our body make collagen. Foods like chicken, fish, egg whites, and garlic are also great for collagen production.

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