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Embracing Sustainability

A Shift from Glass Jars to Aluminum Nylon Pouches

In our continuous efforts to provide you with the best products and contribute to a healthier environment, we are excited to announce a major change in our packaging – a shift from glass jars to aluminum nylon pouches. We want to express our gratitude for your ongoing support and reassure you that this change is not only customer-friendly but also environmentally conscious.

Over time, we faced disappointment when glass jars broke during handling or transportation. We heard your concerns, and that's why we're making this change. The aluminum pouches are sturdier and will ensure your products arrive intact and ready to use.


With our new packaging - Aluminum Nylon Pouches

  • Light and Easy

  • Keepin' it Fresh

  • Helping the Planet

With our new pouches are a breeze to handle and reduce pollution during transportation because they're lighter. They also keep our products fresh for a longer time, so you can enjoy them worry-free. And here's the cool part – Aluminum Nylon is super easy to recycle, and making these pouches is way greener than making glass jars. They're flexible too, fitting seamlessly into your life at home or on the move. It's a win-win – less waste and kinder to our planet. Big thanks for supporting this positive change with us! <3

With our new packaging - Aluminum Nylon Pouches

It simple Fits Your Life:

These pouches are flexible and easy to store, whether you're at home or on the move. We're making sure your life stays convenient without compromising on quality.


We're pumped about this change, and we hope you are too. Thanks for being part of our community and choosing eco-friendly options. If you ever have questions or thoughts, our customer support team is here for you.

Thanks for going green with us!

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