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Bone Broth And Fertility

Bone Broth is a golden oldie that has come back into fashion with all this talk about the Paleo Diet, but over the ages, many cultures around the world agree about the benefits of bone broth for health. Here we take a look at view on Bone Broth and benefits for fertility.

Let me just start by saying that bone broth is….fantastic!

Bone Broth nourishes the blood. Are your menstrual periods super light, delayed or irregular? Do you have a thin uterine lining? Have you had previous miscarriages? Are your iron levels low? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Is your facial complexion pale or withered? Do your nails break easily? Do you find that you’re losing hair? Is your skin dry? Are you anxious? If you answered yes to some of these questions then you’re likely deficient in blood.

Women in particular are prone to being deficient in blood because they menstruate and lose blood every month. Therefore, they’re constantly needing to replenish their blood that’s been lost. For optimal fertility, you need a sufficient amount of blood in order to nourish the reproductive organs. If there’s not enough blood, then there will be a lack of proper blood flow to the reproductive organs. Lack of blood will mean lack of oxygen, nourishment and hormones to the uterus and ovaries.

Blood is also important to having regular monthly periods, a healthy pregnancy, adequate postpartum recovery, sufficient breast milk and prevention of postpartum depression & anxiety. If we’re deficient in blood, these body’s processes become very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Bone broth is one of the most nourishing foods we can have in our diet for our blood aspect. It’s nutrient rich and are the building blocks for your body to produce more blood and supplement the blood reserves you have.

Bone broth helps to build a healthy uterine lining which is essential in supporting a healthy menstrual cycle and proper implantation of the embryo. In Chinese medicine, if the uterine lining is too thin, this is a sure sign of blood deficiency.

Women who suffer from recurrent miscarriage also often exhibit a blood deficiency pattern.

Bone Broth Nourishes our Jing & Reproductive potential Having bone broth before during & after pregnancy will ensure that there is sufficient Jing that’s needed and to replenish the Jing that’s lost.

By nourishing Jing, you can increase egg quality and the quality of semen in men. Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not, the fact is that everyone needs more vitality – there is no limit – and therefore everyone needs to nourish their jing.

In China, bone broth is known as “longevity soup” because the unique nutrition from the marrow promotes growth and development.

Bone Broth Heals the gut lining and strengthens our digestion Strong digestion is central to good health and well being but is particularly central when it comes to the reproductive system. If we don’t break down and absorb our food properly, our bodies do not create enough Qi (energy) and blood to nourish our reproductive systems.

Bone broth strengthens our digestion by healing our gut so that we can get maximum benefit out of the foods we eat.

Broth has glutamine which strengthens the lining of the intestine to prevent and treat leaky gut syndrome.

Broth also has glycine which is an amino acid (building block of protein) which increases the production of stomach acid in order to improve the breakdown of the foods we eat.

What if you’re a vegetarian?? If you’re a vegetarian and reading this, you’re probably wondering if a vegetable broth will be good enough to replace this magical bone broth.

Vegetable broths are great but are just NOT as blood or Jing nourishing as chicken or beef bone broth. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Great source of Omega 3 One of the vital nutrients in bone marrow is the omega 3 fatty acid DHA which is required for development of the brain, eyes and other organs in infants.

Bone broth is used for anxiety & insomnia Bone marrow is considered a tonic for the brain, as the brain is said to be the “Sea of Marrow.” Being that bones are heavy in nature they are also said to have a calming effect on the spirit, so bone broth is great to treat stress, anxiety and insomnia.

When the body is under stress and not calm, fertility becomes so much more difficult as blood is directed away from the reproductive organs and essentially starve the reproductive organs of proper nourishment.

Should you use Beef bones or Chicken bones? If you’re low in iron, I recommend beef bones as beef is richer in blood. If you have weak digestion, I recommend chicken bones. I wish you the best of luck in your new Bone Broth endeavours! You won’t regret it!

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